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The Story of New Heroes for pjohootkc (uncolored) by PrincessD95

Hi there! Katie here! Sorry Jayce couldn't make it to see this awesome piece of art! Ugh, why can't I draw well XD It's so cool! I real...



Moonlit Flower, Black Jack by pjohootkc
Moonlit Flower, Black Jack
This is just a dumb fan art of a surgeon who enjoys dressing up like a vampire for some reason.Something I drew during Chem class for my ongoing surgical manga craze.
Messed up his eyebrows though. Dangit.

Black Jack belongs to Osamu Tezuka.
Team Edward? Team Jacob? Please.
I am part of TEAM DAI GURREN.
*proudly waves flag*
Jayce left a bunch of random art here and I have no clue what to do with it all. I don't know how to be organized. How has she managed this page for a year??
Self Portrait (Anime Style) by pjohootkc
Self Portrait (Anime Style)
My drawing seems to have improved from the last time I've ever posted since like, today.

Also, I can explain the "Achtung!" in the background. There's apparently a joke about me being Klavier Gavin from Ace Attorney amongst my friends. And he says that a lot. I know it means "Attention!"

He is a Glimmerous Fop, I am the Glimmerous Nerd.

I am not German. I am American born Chinese.


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Katie, Yue, XLR, Kai
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I got rid of all the buttons just cause.

Want a collab, trade, or have a request? Message me!

“Yesterday’s story about a girl who couldn’t be honest.”

I glared at my schoolmates as they hurried excitedly by. Valentine’s day was tomorrow, but I didn’t give a damn. I had pulled an all nighter on a project last night, and I wasn’t in the mood at all.

The excited faces of people

Bathing in the pouring sun

I glare and cut through

A morning after an all-nighter.

Apparently, my glare could part the seas of people like Moses, because nobody stood in my way. Even Jayce knew to leave me alone, but it was for her own safety. I wasn’t gonna take crap from nobody. Nobody, except…

Past the people who dodged me

Who’s in a bad mood and eyes disappointed 

Saying “hello” and doing a stretch 

With messy hair, you were standing

“Katie!” A voice chirped before me. Jacob grinned. “How ya doin’?”

“Leave me alone.” I growled at him. He laughed. 

“You need a hug!” He reached for me. I blushed insanely.

“E-eh? G-go away, stupid!”

When you realize, the eyes meet

A sweet romance, not interested at all

But I wonder why

I can’t see your face

“I don’t have anything to do with it, because…….ugh, so annoying!”

People were beginning to stare. I pushed him off me, still completely red in the face. I probably looked like a tomato.  

“Aw, see? What did I tell ya? Completely cured!”

“S-shut up!” My heart pounded so loud, I’m sure everyone heard it. Why was it doing this??

Even if I glare at the sun I found

Even if I put a lid on this thumping heart 

Can’t hold this feeling in, it feels disgusting

I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling 

wow wow wow

My attitude shows on my face

For some reason I got nervous and my voice squeaked 

“I don’t understand this situation! So annoying!”

I’m acting a bit stupid

Today again, the classroom is normal and I yawn

Next to the window, only the two of us

It bothers me, even if I turn on the radio

With a bored attitude

I glanced out the window with my earbuds in. One Winged Angel, Sephiroth’s theme was maybe the only thing that could keep me awake, with its crazy guitar riffs and insane percussion. Okay, maybe not the only thing.


“Don’t bother me. Musician listening to music.”


I stood up but wasn't paying attention

And is clearly seen through


“What?” I snapped at him.

“Your earbuds aren’t plugged into your iPod.” He observed. I deadpanned.

That the headphone

I was pretending to listen to

Was connected to nowhere 

“If time goes on, I’ll forget, something like that”

“W-what? H-ha.” I said, quickly plugging it in. “It just…escaped my mind.” He shrugged, laughing.

“If you say so.” He sat down in the seat next to me. My heart was on the verge of cardiac arrest. “Say, Katie?” 

“Yeah?” I barely heard him over the instrumentals. He said something. I nodded.

I was somewhat stubborn

But I wonder why

I can’t put it into words

Even if I’m in a bad mood, no words come out

“Really!” He looked really happy. So, despite my bad mood, I flashed a small smile at him. I almost gave him a nice comment too, but his reaction caused me to frown almost immediately after. “Uwaaaah! You’re so cute!!”

“G-get off of me!” I panicked, turning redder by the minute. 

Carefully “Lets show with my attitude”

I sealed away my words and once again ran in circles

“This feel, if it’s going to go on, then it’s not so bad”

Feeling a bit cowardly 

Later, my mood had considerably lightened. I was on my way back from my favorite class, orchestra, going to English, which was the last class of the day. Jacob caught up to me.

“You look better. Your aura! It’s blinding!” He feigned being blind. Ha. What a comedian. The legally blind kid pretending to be blind. I flicked him in the cheek. “Ow! That hurt.” He whined as we walked into class and to our respective SEPERATE spots. 

The bell rang after the lesson, and the two of us got up to leave. Wait, it was Valentine’s day tomorrow, wasn’t it?

wow wow wow

“You look in a good mood today”

“Can’t you tell that I’m annoyed?”

I pinched your cheeks

That insensitive attitude, it makes me annoyed

Oh no, today is going to end

“Bye Katie!” He turned to leave. I took a deep breath.

Glaring at the sun once again

“Don’t dawn yet!”

I sucked in my breath

“J-jacob!” I ran after him. My heart pounding from the embarrassment, not the lack of exercise. Do you all think I’m really that unfit? “Jacob wait! I need to tell you something!”

The thumping heart hurts a bit

An extraordinary feeling

“I want to tell you” so I started running

This feeling won’t stop, it’s going to explode


Before the sun dawns

I want to tell you somehow

“I… um…”


God, please do something

“WillyoubemyValentinetomorrow?” I blurt out. He laughs. “W-what?”

“I already asked you that earlier!” He chokes out. “You nodded!” I blush as he picks me up in a close embrace. “I really love you, you know that?”

“S-shut up and enjoy the moment, stupid.”

“Yesterday’s story about a girl who couldn’t be honest.”

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